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Video Stefan Schlitter

Stefan Schlitter was born in Berlin Dahlem (GERMANY).

His mother and father (a medical Dr.) exsposed him to a large  collection of literature ant artbooks at home.

At the age of 14 he discovered drawings of nudes in Renaissance-artbooks and copied them.

Soon he started drawing nature and people.

After highschool he went to the University of Arts in Berlin.

Stefan started travelling throughout all continents (Europe,Africa,Asia,the Americas,Australia/New Zealand and the south Pacific).

Through these impressions travelling ,he developed his very own style painting on  cavans .

He lives and runs his studio in Berlin.His paintings  are in private and public collections on all continents .

Stefan Schlitter had numerous exhibitions around the world (anby a shortlist only )

1985 Private Group show at Luigi Marchioritti in Venezia italy 

1992 Galerie Kalemba Berlin

1993 Kunstraum Max Krieg,Bern,Switzerland

1994 Solo Show at VSAW Berlin

1996 Cultural Center Berlin Steglitz

1997 Salon J.Craig Berlin

2000 Galerie Katze Berlin 

2002 Art Gallery at hotel Ansechastanet St.Lucia


2004 Art Gallery at Hotel la posada del torcal Andalusia,Spain


2007 Galarie MK /JEF Bern Switzerland 


2009 Art Gallery Ansechastanent St.Lucia 


2011 Galarie Trialog Berlin


2015 Art in the Attic Berlin


2017-2018 Art in the Attic Berlin 


2019 Galerie von Hirschheydt Berlin 

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